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Expert fire alarm installation and servicing London.

Keeping your property safe from fires is crucial. Black & Gold offer fire alarm installation and servicing in London providing reliable solutions to keep you protected. We handle everything from design to installation and maintenance.

Why choose Black & Gold?

Choose us for your fire alarm installation because we have a skilled and certified team. We follow all UK fire safety rules and focus on making our customers happy. Our clients’ positive reviews show that we do a great job.

Certified &

We hold full certification and adhere to all UK fire safety regulations. This ensures that your fire alarm system meets all legal requirements. Compliance is crucial because it not only keeps you safe but also helps with insurance and legal matters.

Experience &

Our team has years of experience in installing fire alarms. We know what works best for different types of properties, whether it’s a small home or a large office building. Our experts stay updated with the latest fire safety technologies and methods. This means you get the most advanced and reliable fire alarm systems.


Our customers' happiness is our top priority. We listen to your needs and provide solutions that fit perfectly. Our clients often praise our professional approach and the quality of our work. You can read their reviews to see how satisfied they are with our services.

Fire alarm installation in London.

Our 5-step fire alarm installation service.


We visit your property and discuss what you need. We take a close look at your building and understand its layout and specific fire safety requirements.



We design a system that covers your property and meets safety standards. Our design process ensures protection for all areas and ensures ease of use for the system.



Our technicians install your system using the latest technology. They work efficiently to minimise disruption to your daily activities.



We test the system to make sure it works perfectly. We simulate fire scenarios to ensure that the alarms trigger correctly and that the system is fully functional.



We provide maintenance to keep your system in top shape. Regular checks and servicing are essential to ensure your fire alarm system remains reliable.


fire alarm servicing London

Fire alarm servicing in London.

Regular servicing of your fire alarm system is crucial for maintaining its effectiveness. Our fire alarm servicing in London includes:

Benefits of professional fire alarm installation and servicing.

Getting professional installation and servicing gives you many benefits:

Better Safety

Early detection of fires is crucial for safety. A good fire alarm system warns you early of danger, allowing you to react fast and minimise harm. This can save lives and protect your property.

Regulatory Compliance

Your property will meet all fire safety rules and insurance requirements. This compliance is important not just for safety but also for legal and financial reasons. Having a compliant system can prevent fines and issues with insurance claims.

Peace of Mind

You can trust that experts have installed and maintained your system correctly. Knowing that a professional installed and services your fire alarm system gives you peace of mind. You can relax knowing that you are protecting your property.

Types of fire alarm systems we install.

We offer different fire alarm systems to fit your needs. We customise each system to fit your property. We assess your needs and recommend the best solution for your specific situation.

Conventional Systems

Good for smaller properties, these are reliable and cost-effective. They use simple circuits to detect fires and are easy to install and maintain.

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Addressable Systems

Great for larger properties, these systems show the exact location of a fire. Each device has an address, making it easy to pinpoint the source of the alarm. This is ideal for complex buildings with multiple rooms and floors.

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Wireless Systems

Perfect for places where wiring is hard, these are flexible and easy to install. Wireless systems are ideal for historic buildings or properties where installing cables would be disruptive.

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Protect your property with our expert fire alarm installation and servicing in London. Our professional services ensure your safety and meet all fire regulations.

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