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Fire Alarm Maintenance

Fire Alarm Maintenance

Fire Alarm Maintenance Service

It is a criminal offence for a fire alarm system to not be kept in good working order. Black & Gold Fire Safety and Electrical Services Ltd make it easy for you to abide by safety regulations by providing specialised maintenance and servicing schedules to fit your business.

It is a requirement of BS5839 Part 1 that a maintenance contract is in place for a fire alarm system with a maximum time between services of six months.

Maintaining your system

What we offer

Black & Gold Fire Safety and Electrical Services Ltd offer maintenance contracts for quarterly, six monthly and annual periods to suit your business requirements, as well as 24-hour, 365-day emergency call out service.

Black & Gold Fire Safety and Electrical Services Ltd’s team of highly skilled, BAFE-accredited engineers provide comprehensive maintenance and servicing on all types of fire safety equipment, including:

Fire awareness training

Our team can also provide fire awareness training including, how to use a fire extinguisher, evacuation procedures and fire warden training. If you are interested in this service please contact us.


What else we inspect

Fire Extinguisher Supply

Fire Extinguishers

Every place of business should have multiple fire extinguishers to cover the many different types of fire you can encounter.

Fire Extinguishers

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Fire Door Maintenance

Fire Doors

Fire doors and their maintenance is a key component in fire protection and one that is often overlooked, but not by us.

Fire Doors

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Emergency Lighting Maintenance

Emergency Lighting

Premises with dark hallways may require emergency lighting to ensure that occupants can see in the event of a power outage.

Emergency Lighting

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Our Fire Alarm Inspection Process

We have the experience you need to ensure your premises is compliant with fire regulations.

Book A Date

We arrange a suitable date for our team to come and complete your fire alarm maintenance inspection.


The Inspection

We arrive on the date booked in and complete our thorough fire alarm maintenance inspection.



Following our inspection, we provide you with your certificate and a list of any remediation work carried out.


Customer Feedback

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Fire Extinguishers

There are six classes of fire and five types of fire extinguishers, so how do you know what type of extinguisher you need? Not to worry! Black & Gold Fire Safety and Electrical Services Ltd will be able to determine the best extinguisher(s) for you, ensuring that your premises is fit with the proper equipment to fight fires in your place of business.

As well as determining the best types of extinguishers for you, Black & Gold Fire Safety and Electrical Services Ltd deliver training to teach you and your employees how to use them in the unfortunate event that a fire starts on your premises.

ClassDefinition of ClassExamplesRecommended Extinguishers
ASolid materials of an organic nature; these normally produce glowing embers when burningPaper, Wood, TextilesWater, Foam, Powder
BFlammable liquids and liquefiable solids Petrol, White SpiritFoam, Powder, Carbon Dioxide
CFlammable gasesButane, PropanePowder*
DCombustible metalsPotassium, MagnesiumSpecialist Powders
EElectrical equipment firesComputer, ToasterCarbon Dioxide, Powder
FCooking oil and fat firesChip Pan, Deep Fat FryerWet Chemical

*Only specially trained professionals should attempt to extinguish a Class C fire.


The five fire extinguisher types are:

  • Water extinguishers
    • For use against Class A fires
    • Commonly found in office-like buildings with a lot of paper
  • Foam extinguishers
    • For use on Class A and B fires
    • Commonly found in offices and kitchens
  • Powder extinguishers
    • For use on Class A, B, C and E fires
    • For use on some Class D fires
    • Commonly found in offices and kitchens
    • Can be used on fires involving live electrical equipment
  • Wet chemical extinguishers
    • For use on Class F fires
    • Commonly found in kitchens
    • Prevent re-ignition of fuel
  • Carbon dioxide extinguishers
    • For use on Class E and small Class B fires
    • Suitable for use on live electrical equipment
    • Doesn’t leave any residue

Need Advice?

Fire Doors

Regular inspections and maintenance of your fire doors are a requirement of fire safety regulations and ensure that your doors are prepared to protect you and your building in the event of a fire.

Black & Gold Fire Safety and Electrical Services Ltd offer one-off or regular testing of fire doors to ensure that they are operating correctly. Our tests include checking mechanical components, including but not limited to hinges, push bars, fire-safe letterboxes, push pads and handles, as well as testing intumescent seals for excessive wear and tear.

Emergency Lighting

Workplaces with dark hallways during a power shortage, such as large offices, may require emergency lighting that can be seen in the event of a power outage or other emergency situations such as in a fire. Businesses like restaurants will need emergency lighting that can lead patrons to the nearest exit safely, especially crucial in emergencies where customers may experience panic resulting in them being unable to notice other types of signals.

There are several types of emergency lighting available for different types of businesses, including factories & warehouses, restaurants, hotels, and retail outlets. Ask Black & Gold Fire Safety and Electrical Services Ltd to help you determine the best emergency lighting solution for your premises.

In work environments where vital processes are monitored constantly, emergency lighting must be made available to workers instantly to avoid injury or fatality. It is also crucial that emergency lighting can withstand any hazardous conditions that may arise.

Only a trained professional has the expertise to provide you with a reliable fire risk assessment to help you create a sensible solution for your business that optimises safety in your workplace.

Black & Gold Fire Safety and Electrical Services Ltd can supply and install emergency lighting in London, Milton Keynes, Aylesbury and across the UK.