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Fire Risk Assessments

Fire Risk Assessments

Your Responsibilities

Black & Gold Fire Safety and Electrical Services Ltd understand that fire safety legislation can be confusing and overwhelming for business owners and landlords. Let us take that pressure from you by designing, installing, and maintaining the perfect fire alarm system for your business needs, abiding by all up-to-date legislation, and ensuring that the safety needs of you and your dependents are always a top priority.

You can read the government’s web page detailing your fire safety responsibilities here.

members of Black & Gold Fire Safety team conducting a fire risk assessment

UK fire safety legistlation

As a business owner or landlord in the UK, you are legally obligated to:

Fire safety measures include, but are not limited to, the installation and maintenance of fire alarms, signage, and fire prevention and extinguishing tools.

Fire risk assessments

Written fire risk assessments are required for all businesses of 5 or more people and are an essential way of ensuring that effective procedures are implemented to keep your premises and people safe by reducing the risk of fire, while also providing safe processes to follow if a fire should occur.

Your fire risk assessment (or FRA for short) is the starting point for all fire precautions activity. FRAs are live documents that must be reviewed and updated regularly following any changes in premises, processes, personnel, equipment or following a near-miss or real fire.

Black & Gold Fire Safety and Electrical Services Ltd is a fire risk assessment company with FRA-trained assessors able to provide you with an extensive fire risk assessment specific to your site and business, together with a written report highlighting significant findings and recommendations.

Our assessors will pay you a return visit to walk you through our findings and recommendations, as required by the FRA

How We Complete Your Risk Assessment

There are several steps that must be taken when completing a risk assessment

Identify all fire hazards


Identify any people who may be at risk in the event of a fire


Evaluate and remove or reduce the identified risks


Record all findings


Following on from the assessment, the following steps must be taken:

What information would you expect to find in a risk assessment?

What should be included in an emergency plan?

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